We created a spacious place with great conditions for raising our cats and caring for healthy and vibrant generations.

Our kennel is certified and has all the documents for this. The kittens that are born and grow with us have a proven pedigree – wonderful pets and classic exhibition cats. 

These are “show” class cats who have undergone expert evaluation, have excellent pedigree and ancestors who have reached high titles and full compliance with the standard of the breed “Canadian Sphinx”.

In the breeding “Velvet Varbanov” we specialize in breeding and breeding of cats breed “Canadian Sphynx”. Our kittens have all the prerequisites for exhibition “career” and achieving the highest titles.

Canadian Sphinx cats are the most gentle, gaudy and loving pets.


WCF Cattery Registration - Canadian Sphynx - varbanov-sphynx.com

WCF Registration N 21337-2019

World Cat Federation Registration

Federation International Feline - Cattery BG 152 - Canadian Sphynx - varbanov-sphynx.com

National Federation of Felinology BG-152

Federation International Feline (FiFe) Registration

Diploma for Feline Breeder - Canadian Sphynx - varbanov-sphynx.com