Canadian Sphynx –
loving, suede-smooth, warm, curious, good, hypoallergenic and a lot of fun.


The best cat kennel "Canadian Sphynx" in Bulgaria welcomes you.

Erydis Velvet Varbanov -

Male cats

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Shantal - Kassiopeya Velvet Varbanov -

Female cats

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Lacrima Velvet Varbanov -

Cats Elf

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Djeday Velvet Varbanov - Elf Cat -

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Velvet Varbanov Cattery Bulgaria


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Our cattery "Canadian Sphinx" is certified according to all standards of the Union of Felinologists in Bulgaria

We take optimal care and love to create healthy and strong generations.


Our kittens are in Europe, USA, Asia and South America, but only in people who have to do with animals

Asparuh Velvet Varbanov has a new family and is a resident of London, UK
Asparuh Velvet Varbanov
Asparuh Velvet Varbanov
The wonderful Belinda Velvet Varbanov, Inter Champion (ICH), leaves for Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Belinda Velvet Varbanov
Bacardita Velvet Varbanov, Junior Champion of Bulgaria (JCH) lives in Velingrad
Bacardita Velvet Varbanov - Canadian Sphynx -
Bacardita Velvet Varbanov


A healthy cat needs care and a lot of love!