The price of cat Canadian sphinx!

And why breeding the breed of "Canadian sphinx" is not a spoon for every mouth.

I want to say a few words to the person who writes an email just to ask about the cost of the kitten and, after hearing it, surprisingly declares: "I can buy elsewhere cheaper." I also turn to you, the person who is not interested in documents, because he wants a kitten "only for a pet".

No cat is "just a pet."

Behind every thoroughbred cat lies a BREEDER. I use capital letters to distinguish the breeder from the breeder. A reputable kennel does not raise undocumented cats. Registration /pedigree/ are records that document the bloodline and allow to track all possible health problems present in the pedigree. When you tell a breeder that you are not interested in documents, you actually tell him that you are not interested in the health of the cat, but simply want the cheapest thing you can find. When you choose to buy a cat from a reputable and quality breeder, this breeder is responsible for the health of every cat – both the owned cats and every kitten he has sold. And behind every animal are missed breaks, care and sleepless nights. Most of the breeder's home is often turned into a space for his cats. A truly passionate breeder puts all his heart and soul into what he does. Not only the kittens that are sold, but also every new owner of a kitten from the kennel will get a piece of his heart and become a member of a growing large family.

A breeder doesn't have to worry about getting his hands dirty… from the moment of birth to going through daily needs. Because that's life!

Cotillo E
Lakrima Velvett Verbanov with litter E

The breeder will do to each cat the necessary tests, echo, X-rays, analyses, vaccinations, registration, pedigree, deworming, as well as microchipping, neutering of pet kittens, exhibitions, purchase of new lines, the safest and fastest delivery, regardless of the high cost, in order to provide his animals with a standard closest to the ideal…

No less important is the CHOSEN family, who will be lucky to take one of his kittens. Yes, you've read well!

A real cat breeder chooses who to sell to.

There is no price to compensate for the investment already made, so the breeder must be confident that future owners are suitable.

A good breeder has different criteria for those who want to continue his bloodline, why? Breeding is a responsibility, a way of life, separated, only for dedicated people willing to sacrifice themselves.

That is why the cat is never "just a pet". This is the legacy of the breeder, the best friend of the toddler, defender, therapy for the elderly, a family member, the whole world for someone!

Bacardi Velvett Verbanov
Men's Canadian Sphinx, Interchamp.

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